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✅ Equality test with enforced legibility (based on RITEway and inspired by uvu).



import { suite } from "@vangware/test";

const add = (addend2: number) => (addend1: number) => addend1 + addend2;

export default suite([
        given: "a 1 and a 2",
        must: "return 3",
        received: add(2)(1),
        wanted: 3
        given: "a 1 and a -2",
        must: "return -1",
        received: add(-2)(1),
        wanted: -1
])("Example suite name (optional)");

Then run:


If let's say the first test fails, the error reads something like this:

[FAIL] Example suite name (optional)

> Given a 1 and a 2, must return 3.

Received: 4
Wanted:   3


Documentation can be found HERE. It is auto-generated with typedoc based on the JSDocs and the types in the source. Shouldn't be necessary to read this, code editors like VSCode integrate the documentation in the UI.


Changelog can be found HERE.

Test coverage

Test coverage can be found HERE.

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